Venue Transformation

Reception spaces come in all sizes and shapes and we're very lucky there are so many options of where you can host a wedding reception. Also the variety of venue spaces available, work for all budgets, size of wedding parties and appropriate locations. Event Style also love how you can make any venue your very own, through a minor face-lift or putting a venue through a major revamp.

If the ugly duckling can turn into a beautiful swan, that unattractive venue can be transformed into the storybook wedding without breaking the bank. All it takes is a bit of imagination and inspiration. And probably some perspiration.

We recommend spending time brainstorming ideas while inside your venue - take photos so you can continue ideas at home and will help when talking things through with your suppliers. With lots of time to plan, and knowing all the areas of the venue, this early planning could end up being really helpful with future planning and saving you money in the long run.

Part of your brainstorming session should include how to bring out the best in the venue. Work with what is available. Are the ceilings low? Look for ways to take advantage of the cozy feel. Is the lighting bad? Perhaps running strings of light along the walls and ceilings will brighten it up. Are the walls drab?

We have some ideas we think can bring anyones venue to life.

Hang Extra Lights

Lots of chandeliers, lanterns or cafe light hanging from above can change the atmosphere of a space from feeling empty to intimate. This is perfect if you have a large space like a sports hall, an old factory or a loft. Bring the outdoors in

Working with your florist to bring in the outdoors can soften the hardest of venues. We love to work with all our brides when creating their floral designs. We have also been inspired by using small trees to break up the dinner tables. or even wrap a pergola with vines and greenery to make your head table stand out. You can use plants and flower arrangements liberally and can rent trees or potted plants to further enhance that natural feel.

Light up the room

One of the most effective ways to instantly make over a space, is with gorgeous lighting. We do love a bit of amber or a touch of warm white lighting. Warm colours are inviting and can make even the simplest of rooms feel classy and stylish. Also great lighting always helps with photos - no need for a filter when taking a selfie.

Drape the room

This has to be one of our favourite services we have as it can completely change a look of a venue. If your reception venue has wallpaper or paint that will clash with your wedding decor (or even if it doesn't), you can create another world within the room with draping. Choose a fabric that matches your wedding colours/ theme but we would always recommend picking white. This is because it is clean and gives a classic look. Also a handy tip, draping just the ceiling can a make the space feel totally different or choose one focal wall as this is cheaper than covering the entire room.

Decoration and final touches

There are lots of great ways to add decorations that can change the look and feel of a venue. From using chair covers to give an elegant touch while hiding the unsightly but usable seats already at the venue. Or if the budget allows, rent new chairs and different furniture, there is some stunning pieces that can bring a theme to life or furniture that has lighting incorporated, killing two birds with one stone. You can also use eye catching centerpieces and colourful linens to draw attention away from bleak areas and focus on the guest tables. Covering floors is also an option with rented carpet, floor covering and gorgeous dance floors.

We hope this has given you some helpful ideas and if you do transform your venue we would love to see some pictures.

Please find a gallery of venues we have transformed with our team in 2016

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