DIY Weddings - Pros and Cons

One common trend we have recognised among brides for the 2016 wedding scene is the DIY wedding. With sites such as Pinterest, the Knot and the DIY Network, as well as lots of great craft bits in Hobby Craft – creating your whole wedding from start to finish seems to be the thing to do.

With Brexit and the uncertaintity of the economy, it’s no surprise DIY (or do-it-yourself) weddings are hugely popular right now. Whether it’s sewing your own table runners, shopping on Facebook groups/ car-boots for the finishing touches, creating your own chalkboards - the culture behind personalising every aspect of your special day is both exciting and for many quite intimidating.

Aside from saving money and finally putting your glue gun to use, there are many different pros and cons to planning a DIY wedding. You may find that this project opens up an unrecognised talent of creativity you didn’t know you had, or maybe that you’re just a really great delegator of tasks to family and friends. Either way, you’ll find that the good may just outweigh the bad… Whether you’re interested in doing a DIY wedding for yourself or want to weigh up what is best for you, we have come up with Event Styles very own Pros and Cons list.


Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but adding extra work will cause even more stress on top of it. Trying to get all of the invitations constructed and delivered, designing and creating all of the centerpieces, making the programs, favors, and other décor items can lead to a time crunch, especially if you don’t have much help. Committing your time to too many things can be extremely overwhelming and may leave you regretting your DIY decision. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may become disappointed when important things such as the food, cake, or bouquet doesn’t turn out the way you expected

DIY wedding can also put a strain on the best of family and friends relationships. You may ask your Bridesmaids to help you make one thousand paper flowers. However, this really shouldn’t be included in that list of obligations as they already have lots to do including organising your hen do. When deciding what DIY details you want at your wedding, it’s perfectly alright to ask your girls for help, but definitely don’t expect it. They may not have the time or skills to sew their own dresses either so make sure your expectations are realistic.

Please, take into consideration your own skill set. A lot of things look like they are the easiest thing in the world to create, but can actually be really difficult. Trust us, many an item we have thought we can make for our own homes have very much ended up in the bin. The one thing we have learnt is don’t beat yourself up if something you found online doesn’t actually turn out the way you want it to. In cases like these, you have a lot of options: just keep practicing, scrap it, try something new, or buy DIY. That last one might sound a little strange, but that’s exactly what buying on Etsy is – talented individuals giving you access to their original and extraordinary items.


The main reason to craft all your decorations for your wedding is to ultimately save money. I mean, at the end of the day who isn’t satisfied with knowing that they achieved a £10,000 wedding with a £5,000 budget? Crafty and handmade weddings are also on trend, as they show off your taste without you having to spend a whole mortgage and a half on simple things like décor and food. This will give you the opportunity to put more money towards more meaningful things like your honeymoon or even your dress.

DIY weddings are a great way to show off your personality. Whether you’re a glam diva or a minimalist, creating a wedding that is the definition of everything you love will make your day even more special. Some great DIY themes have stemmed from everyday things such as libraries, Harry Potter, carnivals, and even superheroes. Spending the time to design your décor and theme the way you’d like will give your guests a more personable experience, and you’ll have the chance to weed out the things you don’t really need.

If a large portion of your wedding is DIY, we would highly recommend that you hire a wedding planner. They will be able to see your vision the way that you see it, and implement that on your wedding day. I know it might seem we are blowing our own trumpet but a wedding planner really can be a lifesaver on your wedding day. It may seem that when it comes to DIY, the work happens when you actually create the item, but that isn’t the case. You still need someone to put your handmade favours out, or set up that photo booth you created. We promise this is the last thing you will want to be doing on the morning of your wedding when all you should be doing is chilling and getting ready in your own time.

Having a wedding made up of little details that you and your fiancé create together can really make for a truly special experience. Plus, no one will have the same wedding as you if you decide to DIY items. Just be prepared to spend time on these things, and to give it up if you really need to you. The most important thing is that you’re happy on your wedding day- and you don’t want the fact that you couldn’t create that perfect tissue pom pom backdrop to ruin it all

While there are many other aspects to keep in mind when planning a DIY wedding, the most important thing to remember is time management. Do-it-yourself weddings can be such a great opportunity to show off your crafty money-saving skills, but be sure to start early enough so that you aren’t overwhelmed. If you don’t have the time to commit to multiple projects, cut down your workload so that you can eliminate stress and disappointment. All in all, it is important to make sure that your special day turns out exactly how you envision. Whether you plan on doing the entire wedding yourself or only doing specific projects, DIY can be a great way to incorporate some very memorable aspects to your day. But never forget you always have a helping hand from the Event Style Team x

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